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Is your partner cheating on you? Worrying about your kid stumbling across inappropriate content? A new spy app called uMobix provides many options for checking your partner’s activity and making your kids safer online.

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  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Customizable reporting
  • No physical access to iOS device required
  • Simple setup
  • Flexible device management
  • Best price/quality ratio

We’ve tested all the features of uMobix and list them so you can decide whether this app is a good option for you or your family.

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What is uMobix

uMobix is a new outstanding tool for parental control 😉 with a super-friendly interface. The app gives quick access to your child’s device the moment you wish. All information is displayed as extended reports which is extremely helpful when it comes to child’s safety.


uMobix comes with its advanced versions of pretty much standard features.

Browser history

This section will let you see what your kid is up to online. There’s a ton of stuff on the web that isn’t suitable for kids. The app provides a detailed report on bookmarks, visit frequency and timestamps.

Contact List

Allows you to see with whom your kid is communicating. Information includes names, numbers, emails, and more. A list of the most popular contacts goes along.

GPS Locator

Parents use this feature to keep track of when a child arrives at or leaves a given location. uMobix also displays the paths taken by the kid to know where they have been throughout the day in the form of convenient reports.


Through the dashboard you can read all the messages of your kid that he/she receives on Facebook. It captures chat conversations secretly from Facebook Messenger and group chats with all media files that’ve been exchanged. You can get access to the profiles of people from the chats as well.


Messaging is our kids’ second nature. In fact, all the meetings are set up via chats. You can view all WhatsApp messages: sent, received or deleted along with files exchanged. Our cell phone tracker provides access to the timestamps to see when a chat or a message took place. 


Instagram is probably the most popular social media platform for kids. uMobix app gets you all sent and received Direct Messages along with timestamps. You can see contact details to learn about people who are close to your kid.


Children now rarely use SMS. However, when there is no option, like the absence of the Internet, they can communicate through SMS. uMobix gives you access to all the messages: sent, received, or deleted along with constant info.

Call Logs

You can easily get all the calls made or received by the monitored phone whenever you want. The app provides the complete reports on the phone logs, displayed in chronological order including contact names, phone numbers, timestamps, call duration etc.

How to install uMobix 

The uMobix app downloads quickly and takes only a few minutes to install. 

uMobix walks you through each step of the installation process with its install prompts. First, you create an account and enter your billing details and purchase. Then proceed with installation. If you need any help, they will guide you through which is perfect if you’re not a tech-savvy parent.

With uMobix app you won’t need physical access to the target iOS device to install the app. All you need to do is provide iCloud credentials. This is especially useful giving the fact that kids usually try to get rid of the spying software. 

With Android, you have to physically install an app on the device and give uMobix the permissions it requests.

Once the app is installed, it runs surprisingly quick. We tried it on iPhone 8S for one month. No crush, no errors or other malicious stuff. It doesn’t slow down your device which is good too. Tbh, that is the first app among others we tried that worked so fast from the very start, you really get the impression it won’t miss anything. 


Bad navigation is usually a challenge for users. Thankfully, with uMobix you won’t get any headache trying to solve usability problems. The information architecture is so easy to comprehend. At the left side you have a column with all the sections. At the right side there is a full screen displaying your kid’s monitor in real time. Here you can see all the necessary data without the need to zoom on the page.

How many devices you can track

uMobix imposes limits on the number of devices you can monitor.

A purchase of the basic plan entitles you to monitor unlimited data on the target device. If you want to cover more devices, opt for the family plan.


The app is available to iOS and Android 4 and higher users. With iOS, you can use it regardless of the phone model of your child. You can easily check if it works on your kid’s phone.


Unlike many other apps that come at a premium price, uMobix presents all needed features and comes at a much lower price. It offers a plan for families, a basic plan to start with and a full plan with extended options. You can save much money by opting for the annual subscription. The free trial is available as well. 

The bottom line

uMobix is a full-featured, easy-to-use app for parental control with robust reporting. It provides top notch features when it comes to Android or iOS spying. You’ll absolutely like it especially if you can’t stand slow apps.

uMobix is extremely easy to navigate, fast, has a user-friendly interface and does not require physical access to iOS devices to install. It is easy to adjust the settings regarding every concern you might have.

What we like most is the price-quality ratio and the fact that uMobix continues to evolve and have new features added on a regular basis.

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